Who we are and what we do

Strata Owners Queensland Ltd (“SOQ”) is a Queensland-based not-for-profit strata lot owner’s advocacy group. It is based in Brisbane and a public company limited by guarantee. 

SOQ was established with the view that lot owners were not adequately represented. There are around 50,000 schemes in Queensland representing 500,000 lot owners with evidence suggesting an estimated 50:50 split between owner occupiers and investors. Within the lot owner constituency lies many views and interests. One thing all lot owners have in common is they are the consumer of over $1billion in services per annum. Furthermore, our research shows lot owners are looking for: 

Voice: a voice that is heard 

Access: have access to up to date and accurate information

Value: get value for money for supplied services

Choice: have a choice as to how they engage in strata life

Lot owners are our Members and membership is free. 

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